News » The Reasonable Fee - The Best Outcome 19.01.2015
Trade Remedies Consulting LLP achieved the best outcome for its client Özpekler Group at the end of the countervailing duty investigation initiated by the European Commission on "rainbow trout" originating in Turkey in February, 2014. The Commission dropped anti-dumping investigation after finding insufficient evidence of dumping, but it proceeds with anti subsidy investigation. In the investigation process, Ternaeben is represented by a Brussels based law firm, Gümüşdoğa and Kılıç are also represented by a consulting company based in Istanbul.
Trout producers Gümüsdoğa faced 7.0 % on its imports, Kilic 9.7 %, Özpekler 7.1 %, Ternaeben 9.5 % and other cooperating companies 8.2 % provisional countervailing duty in October.  
Özpekler Group achieved to decrease its subsidy amount to 6.7% with its claims especially regarding miscalculation of subsidy amount on trout purchased from unrelated suppliers. This claim was accepted by the Commission and mostly affected subsidy amount of Ternaeben and weighted average margin for cooperating companies. As a result of this claim Ternaeben subsidy amount decreased from 9.5 % to 8.0% and other cooperating companies subsidy amount decreased from 8.2% to 7.6 %.
The subsidy margin of other producers are as follows: Gümüşdoğa 6.9%, Kılıç 9.5%.

In this respect, Trade Remedies Consulting not only achieved to decrease subsidy amount for its client Özpekler Group but also achieved to decrease the subsidy amount for cooperating companies not selected in sampling significantly.   
Now the question is whether European producers of “seabass and breams” will follow the same procedure as trout producers did and submit a petition against Turkey. We will see it in a short time.  
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