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  • Steel Rebar countervailing duty investigation initiated by Canada (2014-2015) 
  • Steel Nails countervailing duty investigation initiated by US (2014-2015.)
  • Rainbow Trout countervailing duty investigation initiated by EU against Turkey (2014-2015) ***  
  • PET Films expiry review investigation of countervaling duties from India (2014-2015) **
  • PET Films countervailing duty investigation from India (2008-2009) *

* Mr. Baskin participated in the investigating team of the first and unique successful countervailing duty (anti-subsidy) case against India on PET film in 2008 and 2009. He calculated subsidy amount for certain cooperated companies from India. Currently, he is the only consultant in Turkey who is capable of making countervailing duty amount calculations.

** Mr. Baskın represented domestic industry and submitted petition on behalf of the domestic industry for expiry review countervailing duty investigation. 

*** Mr.Baskın represented Özpekler Grup in the rainbow trout investigation initiated by the European Commission against Turkey and achieved the best outcome for its client at the end of the investigation because of its right claims regarding calculation of CVD amount to the EU Commission. 
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