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TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING,  has a deep knowledge and experience in anti-dumping, countervailing duties and safeguard investigations. By taking advantage of this valuable asset TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING achieves the best possible outcome for the exporters/producers in trade remedies. 
TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING provides comfort to its clients by supporting companies in every steps of the investigation process from initiation to the conclusion of the investigations. We work closely with the company’s management, counsel and staff in virtually all aspects of the investigation, from establishing initial response strategies, responding of questionnaires, providing supplemental submissions, assisting in verifications, protecting rights of clients by revisiting calculations, submitting counter arguments regarding injury and causal link between dumped imports and injury, raising comments in the public hearings. TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING provides support to exporters/producers in antidumping investigations in the following areas.

Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
General accounting and cost accounting is one of the key elements in anti-dumping investigations. TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING is highly experienced in extracting the relevant accounting items and selling, general & administrative expenses and allocation of these expenses as required in complex questionnaires issued by the investigating authorities in antidumping and countervailing duty investigations.
We directly work with the company’s staff to develop methodologies to respond the questionnaires as required. Such data is normally not directly available in the sales and accounting systems of the companies. Our multilingual consultants directly work with the company staff to develop the methodologies to obtain the required calculations.

Data Processing and Analysis
TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING has a large in-house data processing capability to assist companies in the organization and analysis of quantitative information. We have extensive knowledge of SAS and SQL programming, ORACLE databases and strong econometrics and statistics educational backgrounds. This will enable us to generate multiple different scenarios and variables to establish the best strategy. This is crucial in making accurate estimates when the data collection process is constantly flowing and there are many scenarios that should be considered.

Economic and Legal Analysis for Injury Determination
Based on economic and analytical expertise in various industries, TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING deeply examines 15 economic indicators of the domestic industry.  In light of the panel and Appellate Body findings in trade remedies, submit its legal view and counter arguments regarding injury to the investigating authority in due time. TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING also examines other factors than alleged dumped imports that may cause injury on the domestic industry and potentially break the causal link between dumped imports and alleged injury on the domestic industry. We make a detailed comprehensive market research by contacting all stakeholders of the investigated product such as importers, traders, arms lenght users, retailers, distrubuters, wholesalers and end users on-site, provide all kind of evidence to support our analysis from different sources such as technical and academic experts and publications.
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