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Anti-dumping measures are usually imposed for five years. However, once the measures have been in force for one year any exporter/producer, importer or domestic industry may ask for a review of the measures.

An interim review can be ‘full’ – covering dumping, injury – or ‘partial’ – limited to dumping, for example.

For example, an exporter may claim that its cost structure has changed due to new investments and that this has resulted in a reduced rate of dumping.

Most often the request concerns the level of the duty in force. For instance, an exporter may claim that the amount of dumping has fallen. The duty would be recalculated only if the change is lasting and the dumping margin is not likely to increase again in future.

Other forms of review can also be considered such as for injury, scope and form of measures.

TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING assists clients  to apply for an interim review by articulating the reasons for the review and collecting sufficient evidence of the need for a review. It assists clients to remove the measure or at least to decrease the level or amount of duty. 


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