Practice » Market Access & Investment Strategies
Turkey with its growing economy and political stability has become more attractive target for foreign direct investors in the last decade. How to access Turkish market is a crucial question that should be addressed very carefully for those investors.
TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING assists foreign companies to define their strategy to access Turkish markets through direct investment, joint ventures, or mergers and acquisitions with a deep knowledge and experience in various sectors acquired in the government and private sector.
TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING assists its clients to determine the best customized market access strategy by analyzing market conditions, regulations, incentives, strength, weakness, threats and opportunities of accession to Turkish market. Financial, regulatory and competition aspects are also analyzed to determine the best strategy for the investors.
TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING also undertakes the identification of the most appropriate candidates for a potential merger or acquisition. It also assists clients in the implementation of the selected market access strategy by advising on all the aspects related to the planned transactions and due process and relations with governmental authorities.
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