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Anti-dumping measures are usually imposed for 5 years. Imports from exporters/producers that cooperated with the investigation are usually liable to their own individual duty, but there is also “all others rate” duty for imports from all other companies that do not cooperate with the investigating authority during the investigation process and producing and exporting the product concerned to Turkey, which will often be the highest anti-dumping duty.

If a company starts exporting the product to Turkey after the investigation, then its goods will be subject to the “all others rate” duty.


Companies that either did not exist, or did not export to Turkey during the original investigation, can request a new exporter review to have their own individual duty rate established.


To qualify as a “new exporter”, a company must fulfill these three criteria:


1.       It did not export the product concerned to Turkey during the original investigation period

2.       It is not related to any exporter or producer subject to the measures imposed

3.       It has exported the product to Turkey since the original investigation, or is contractually bound (irrevocably) to export a significant quantity to Turkey.

If a company appears to meet the above criteria, a review will be initiated. The review will investigate whether the criteria are met and if so establish an individual margin of dumping for the company concerned. Specific rules apply when the applicable duty was established on the basis of a sample of exporting producers.

TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING assists new exporters/producers to apply for “newcomer (newshipper)” review investigation and access  to Turkish market with their own calculated duty which would be less than they have before.


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