News » Turkey Initiated Expiry Review Investigation on Oriented Strand Board 16.12.2013
Turkey initiated expiry review investigation on "oriented strand board (OSB)" originating in the USA and Canada upon the petition of the domestic industry. The initiation Communique was published in the Official Journal of Turkey dated 13 December 2013. The anti-dumping measure currently in force for the US exporers/producers is 24,10% of CIF value and for the Canadian exporters/producers is 14,93% of CIF value. In 2008, the export volume of those countries to Turkey is above 13 million USD, after imposition of the measures both of the countries have disappeared in the Turkish market. Neither US nor Canada have export sales to Turkey in 2013.  However, Turkish market has increased significantly between 2008 and 2013. The total imports of Turkey increased from 29 million in 2008 to nearly 50 million USD in 2013.

In the original investigation none of exporters/producers from the US or Canada cooperated with the Turkish investigating authority. It is questionable whether they cooperate in the expiry review investigation or disregard growing Turkish market in line with Turkish construction industry to their competitors in Bulgaria and Romania in the next decade.    
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