TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING is a trade law and policy consulting firm specialized in anti-dumping, safeguard, countervailing duty and anti-circumvention investigations headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. It also assists clients in market research and investment projects.

Its mission is to assist companies, exporters/producers, importers, industry associations and other stakeholders achieve their objectives with regard to international trade initiatives and national-level trade regulatory proceedings.

TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING’s President, Serdar Baskin, is the long-time practitioner with vast experience in various sectors. He worked as a case handler and as a Chief of Anti-Dumping & Countervailing Duty Investigation Department of Turkey nearly 20 years and participated more than 100 anti-dumping invesigations, more than 10 anti-circumvention investigations, one cvd investigation and nearly 10 safeguard investigations.

He also served as a chief negotiator of Turkey in the Rules Negotiations (Anti-Dumping Agreement, Subsidies and Countervailing Measures Agreement) and Dispute Settlement Understanding in the World Trade Organization (WTO) for a significant period of time. He served as a Counsollor at Permanent Mission of Turkey to the WTO between 2009 and 2013. He is the most experienced consultant in trade remedies representing domestic and foreign clients in complex and high-stakes trade matters.

TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING focuses principally on the needs of exporters/producers subject to AD, CVD or safeguard investigations in order to achieve the best possible outcome. It also helps to the domestic industry materially injured or threatened by unfair trade practices (dumped or subsidized imports) or surge in imports to safeguard the domestic industry to prepare properly documented application to initiate AD, CVD or safeguard investigations. It assists newcomer exporters to access Turkish market and defines pricing starategy for exporters/producers to lessen or eliminate adverse effects of trade measures.    

TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING also offers one-stop shopping to clients pursuing market access and other trade policy priorities in key foreign markets.

TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING’s  working principles can be simply stated. (1) Engage the client fully at all stages, taking the broadest possible view both of problems and of potential solutions. (2) Follow an integrated, inter-disciplinary approach to each trade matter's legal, policy, and economic aspects. (3) Liaise seamlessly and efficiently with all stakeholders of trade matters both external and in-house. (4) Serve as a reliable source for decision-makers, giving them the information they need to do the right thing. (5) Produce advocacy materials that are thorough, consistent, creative, and tailored to the clients.

TRADE REMEDIES CONSULTING offers the expertise, resources, credibility, access, and top-quality work product with a reasonable and predictable fee. This is a new breed of trade consultancy. It delivers responses. It delivers timely reporting, and sound and reliable advice through economic, commercial and legal analysis. It delivers best outcome.

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